Monday, February 28, 2011

all wolf since 1948

The most powerful statements are often brief, such as this one that correctly states the situation of Zionism taking the lands of the Palestinians while posing as a people desiring peace. That "peace process" has now been thoroughly exposed as the fraud that this picture represents. What Israel has always wanted is a peaceful exit of the Palestinians from their lands. As the peace sham has come apart, the wolf-like nature of Israel is increasingly on display.

A very impressive and informative poster seen in a San Francisco area rapid transit station from

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  1. You should ask Yaasar Arafat about the "peace process" which was his oen fraud, Israel was willing to give up on many thing but he wanted to continue with the bloodshed,same as Abu Mazan and Hamas do now. they don't care for the poor people in Gaza, only for their bank account.