Monday, March 28, 2011

Gideon Levy - "I was brainwashed"

Gideon Levy is a Haaretz columnist, a journalist who, like most Israelis, spent his youth with the firm conviction that Israel is exactly as it portrays itself to the world, exactly the way it presents itself in the classrooms in Israeli schools.

In later life he saw the truth of the occupied territories and he began his long standing policy of telling Israelis the truth, whether or not they want to hear it.

He says he would love to live in a country where everyone has equal rights, the one-state solution, but he sees no chance of this happening. He also sees no chance for the two-state solution since Israel has, with its settlers, made this impossible.

Listen to this 30 minute interview of Levy by Alison Weir of the Council for the National Interest and If Americans Knew, another in the series Jerusalem Calling that if have edited for CNI.

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