Friday, May 27, 2011

last trip home for Raed Abu Hamad

Never heard of him? Neither had I. He's just one more dead Palestinian, not surviving a term in Israel's prisons. Israel says he killed himself but his body has marks on it of mistreatment. A Palestinian doctor examines him and then he is put into an Israeli ambulance to be transferred to a Palestinian ambulance - which is where you should join the story in this video at 19:40 and watch to the end, the earlier part deals primarily with the doctors.

You'll see how the dead are treated by the family and the society in this very intimate view that accompanies the body from the ambulance to the graveyard. This is not something that we in the West are likely to otherwise see.

This is a chapter in Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem. I highly recommend the entire series for an understanding of the humanity of a people treated as less than human by Israel.

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