Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Tent City/J14 movement

If you've been wondering about the social protest taking place in Israel - here is a good summary in 8 minutes. Thanks to the blog Jews sans Frontiers for bringing this to my attention.

Two weeks after this blog posting, I came across an extensive piece about the movement from West Bank journalist Joseph Dana that included this excerpt...

"The decision to exclude the occupation from the grievances of the July 14 movement was entirely organic. No hired gun consultant advised movement activists to avoid the hot button issue in order to broaden the appeal of the demonstrations. The mainstream of the Jewish public decided on its own, and without much internal reflection, that social justice could exist alongside a system of ethnic exclusivism. Thus, while the July 14 movement proceeded through cities across Israel bellowing out cries for dignity and rights, Palestinians remained safely tucked away behind an elaborate matrix of control — the Iron Wall. Ten years of separation had not only rendered the Palestinians invisible in a physical sense. It had erased them from the Israeli conscience."

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