Sunday, November 20, 2011

How can a Jew oppose Zionism?

Sylvia Schwartz, a member of IJAN, who is Jewish with a Palestinian husband says:

The right of Palestinians to return to their homes in Israel is denied by Israel through a series of laws in the Israeli legal system. As I talk about these laws, try to imagine analogous ones in the Unites States, privileging one ethnic group over another

1950 The Law of Return - Any Jew, anywhere in the world has the right to come to Israel

1952 The Citizenship Law - Gives any Jew anywhere in the world the right to citizenship in Israel

The charter of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) (a quasi-government institution) says that it holds land in perpetuity for Jews only. It owns outright 13% of Israel and administers another 80% through the Israel Land Authority.

This means that I, as an American Jew, any time I want I can go to Jerusalem become a citizen and purchase or rent the property that my father-in-law was expelled from. But my husband who was born there and who left there involuntarily, can never go back.

And there is so much more. How can any American support this? Watch and listen to Sylvia Schwartz speak.

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