Monday, March 5, 2012

thoughts on Obama at AIPAC

How far we have come since "A day that will live in infamy". When I was a kid (before Vietnam)  it was a point of pride that the US had never lost a war. It was also a point of pride that we had not started one (nobody pays attention to the Spanish-American war).

The US was able to keep itself out of WW2 until after it was attacked by Japan and then Hitler declared war on us.

Now, not only do we start wars on the other side of the world for trumped up reasons, we put ourselves in the service of a tiny nation that forced itself in and demands its neighbors do as it tells them to do.

Could there be a policy any closer to national suicide than this? We have become the proxy of the one that was our proxy!

Israel is a pariah for what it is doing and has done to the Palestinians. The U.S., once the hope of the world carrying the banner "Liberty and Justice for All" now binds itself to the pariah who is actively, deliberately and forcefully denying liberty and justice to an indigenous people.

It was said in the 60's, and it is even more true today: the whole world is watching.

Read Paul Pillar's excellent and extensive treatment of Iran's possible acquisition of an atomic bomb.

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