Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The unilateral power of an IDF soldier

One of the projects of B'Tselem is to provide video cameras to Palestinians so they can document the treatment they receive. What follows is an excellent example of what can be achieved. Fortunately, in this case, nobody was seriously injured. The reason I am posting it is it shows the power an individual with a gun has to arrest anyone and order everyone to do as he says.

Remember that this happens on Palestinian land and the "offense" seems to be that the Palestinians are not where the soldier thinks they should be. This video shows the need for human rights and laws that apply to everyone in a place where neither can be had.

This video stands for the situation in Palestine - a strong, well-fed armed man with the money and power of a state behind him assaults an unarmed, thin, poor, helpless man with no money and no state to aid him. If you are an American, your money makes this assault possible.

Get involved. Take a look at the 50 ways you can.

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  1. Fear can make us quite aggressive. The soldier is alone; he has to verify to his local command he is "protecting" the settlement boundaries. He arrests a young man to create fear in turn, and as token to his superiors of duty upheld. The very alienation of occupation probably makes all of this inevitable. Youth on both sides are scarred. There was a reason, once, now lost; but the scarrs continue.

    Again, you post something I otherwise would never see or know of.