Sunday, January 9, 2011

young, ignorant and...American?

Warning: this video is filled with profanity. According to the notes that accompanied it on Max Blumenthal's blog, it was banned on Huff Post and YouTube.

It was captured in Jerusalem a year ago and won't surprise anyone who has had contact with kids who've had a little too much to drink. There is no intelligence on display here, only ignorance.

What struck me when I watched, and the reason I put it up for viewing, is that so many of the speakers are (yes, I may be wrong) Americans. It may be they are visiting Israel or it may be that they live in Israel and hold dual citizenship, but they speak American English without a doubt.

If they are visiting Americans, is this behavior something for us to be proud of? If they are Americans who have become Israelis, doesn't it make one wonder what kind of Americans are being attracted to Israel?

Feeling the Love in Jerusalem from Joseph Dana on Vimeo.

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