Saturday, January 28, 2012

Newt's non-existent people

The claim that the Palestinian people are invented is nothing new coming from Newt Gingrich. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir made it famous but it has always been one of the rationalizations of Zionism. Here is a family of these invented people in a photo taken in Nazareth before 1921.

For many more such photos from that time see this collection.Of course the Palestinians are a real people, yet from the treatment they receive at the hands of their occupiers, it's clear that Israelis wish for their disappearance and do not consider them equals.

Friday, January 27, 2012

relocate them to a garbage dump

This picture so typifies the Palestinian predicament in Palestine. In the foreground is the helpless resident with the Israeli armed forces standing guard as the infrastructure of his community is demolished before his eyes. Might makes right.

The location is Khan Al Ahmar in the West Bank where a Bedouin community is to be evicted and relocated to an area next to the Jerusalem landfill. Yes, a garbage dump. The full story with this picture was published by Foreign Policy magazine on December 23, 2011.

Rabbis for Human Rights has written to the Israeli authorities in protest.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Andrew Lawson videos

Andrew Lawson has made some apropos videos that succinctly describe the situation of America regarding Israel.

Are those in Congress who sign letters that all but tell Israel it may do as it wishes without fear of the US acting against it, treasonous? To tell a tiny country that it may act with the full backing of the world's superpower invites irresponsible behavior. What would a schoolyard bully do if the police informed him that they would not restrain him no matter what he might do? This is why an attack on Iran by Israel is not to be dismissed as impossible, and assassinations of Iranians to induce military action in response is proceeding. The United States cannot say no to the Bully of the Middle East.

Friday, January 13, 2012

War with Iran for Israel

In this interview with Christ Matthews on "Hardball," former CIA officer Robert Baer and MSNBC's chief correspondent in Iran Richard Engel both report that Israel, through its most recent murder of a 32-year-old Iranian scientist and similar violent actions, is trying to provoke a response from Iran that will then give Israel a pretext under which to attack Iran. They note that this would then cause a major spike in oil prices and would be extremely damaging to the US.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

flags on cars - not allowed

In the West Bank, Palestinians may not drive their cars while displaying small Palestinian flags. This video shows the result. Listen to what the Palestinian man says in English to the Israeli soldiers.

Crushing all forms of freedom of expression - how is it that America supports Israel?