Friday, August 30, 2013

Paul Craig Cobb, a modern day Ben Gurion

Today the NY Times published an article documenting a white supremacist buying up property in North Dakota to create a colony where white supremacy would be practiced and promoted free of interference; a safe haven for racism to thrive. Current residents are understandably worried.

Yet, this idea of creating a colony for one group to reign supreme by buying up land has worked wonderfully well in another place and it has moved on from buying land to simply taking it away from others. The United States backs the project with billions yearly and full protection by veto in the United Nation. This supremacist project is called the State of Israel.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

IDF and Palestinians dance together

While patrolling, a squad of Israeli Defense Forces soldiers happened upon a Palestinian wedding going on and hearing the music of Gangnam Style, joined in the festivities to the delight of those at the party. Take a look at this video of everyone having fun.

The entire patrol was suspended by the IDF.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

a petition against phony peace talks

The following statement was initiated by Palestinian activists in North America:

We, the undersigned Palestinians and Palestinian organizations in shatat and exile, write today to express our firm opposition to the resumption of bilateral Israeli/Palestinian negotiations under U.S. auspices in Washington DC, today, July 29.

For twenty years, the negotiations have not served Palestinian interests. Through countless sessions of futile negotiations, Israeli settlement construction has escalated, thousands of Palestinian political prisoners are held behind bars and Palestinian rights - including Palestinian refugees' right to return - are no closer to implementation. While the Netanyahu government is planning the massive dispossession of Palestinians in the Naqab via the Prawer Plan, the negotiations serve only to provide a thin veneer of legitimacy to the aggressive policies of Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Our rights - the rights of the Palestinian people - and our land - the entire land of Palestine - are not for sale or bartering at the negotiations table. That this process is presided over by the United States government, which provides $3 billion annually in military aid to Israel, and specifically by Martin Indyk, former research director at infamous Israel lobby organization the America Israel Public Affairs Committe, only adds insult to injury and makes clear that these negotiations will bring nothing of value or benefit to the Palestinian people.

Today, we say: PA President Mahmoud Abbas does not represent us! Our rights cannot and will not be bargained away at a negotiating table in Washington, DC.

Instead, we affirm that the Palestinian people are one people and our cause is one cause. Our people have struggled for 65 years in order to achieve the liberation of the land and people of Palestine and the implementation of the right of Palestinian refugees to return their homes.

As Palestinians in shatat/diaspora, we are not being represented here, and we demand to reclaim our voice and role. We do not accept these negotiations, and our rights, our people and our land are not for sale!