Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Allan Brownfeld: battles over Zionism inside Jewish organizations

Here is another outstanding 15 minute video from the National Summit to Re-assess the U.S.-Israel Special Relationship held in Washington D.C. early this year. Allan Brownfeld consistently writes outstanding articles for the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

After describing how Zionism was a minority view in Judaism until after WW2, Brownfeld goes on to describe the hypocrisy of America supporting a state for a single religious group. He also tells of the prohibition by the Hillel (campus Jewish group) of any speakers who are anti-Zionist. He finishes be describing his optimism about the future in this way:

"Among young people there is a great belief in freedom of speech, in freedom of debate, and a desire that moral values treating each individual with human dignity be applied everywhere, in Palestine, in Israel as well as in our own country. So I think Zionism within the Jewish community is in retreat."