Friday, September 23, 2011

He did it, now what will YOU do?

Mahmoud Abbas presented the application for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations today.

He did this because it has been clear for some time, many years, that the so-called peace process was a fraud used by Israel to delay the Palestinians while grabbing more land with settlements.

The Israeli Peace NGO Forum, a group of Israeli peace groups, issued a list of 50 reasons to support Palestinian statehood and Israeli newspaper columnist Gideon Levy has written an excellent piece stating the truth - Israel does not want a Palestinian state.

President Obama has continued his hypocrisy, speaking against his own words of a year ago that called for a Palestinian state. Zionists continue there relentless manipulation of American politics and the average American, concerned with the economy, continues to be oblivious to the issue of Palestine.

This American has realized after investigating the entire situation intensively for several years now that the United States will never be the source of, or the broker for a solution to the plight of the Palestinians. I deliberately do not say the plight of Israel because that country is so thoroughly over-armed and enabled that it is in no danger and has not been for many decades.

That America could end the oppression of the Palestinians today is indisputable because it is the single country that stands with Israel.

Abbas' speech marks the isolation of the United States with Israel, a tragic alignment of a country that supposedly stands for liberty and justice for all with one that stands for one group exclusively. The United States, once a colony that fought for freedom now backs up a colony that dictates to the natives which it is relentlessly expelling. Hypocrisy cannot reach a higher level than this.

Have you, fellow American, had enough? The White House has established a new petition site called "We the People" where the public is invited to petition the government. Why don't you go there as I did and sign the petition asking the U.S. not to veto the Palestinian application for statehood at the U.N. (the response of the White House website is slow - be patient, after all it's the very heart of inefficient government)

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