Monday, September 12, 2011

Susan Rice and US hypocrisy

Susan Rice has no credibility after her absurd performance in the wake of the U.S. veto of the U.S. position on the Israeli settlements early this year. She failed to make black appear white at that time. But this is only a reflection of the lack of credibility of the administration that tells her what to say and how to vote.

Still - it is amazing what she will say with a straight face. Today in the news comes this from Ms. Rice speaking of the coming vote on a Palestinian state in the UN...

"One thing I hope the Palestinian leadership is considering is the day after," Rice warned. "What will happen when whatever show we have in the United Nations is done? What will change in the real world for the Palestinian people? The answer is nothing--sadly. Expectations will have been raised very high. But the economy will still be the economy, the situation on ground will remain the situation on the ground. The [Palestinian people] will not have any more sovereignty, freedom or autonomy than they feel today."

Who better to speak of "whatever show we have in the UN" or what the Palestinians will have to show when they have absolutely nothing to show for years of the "peace process" and "talks between the two sides" that the US has carefully managed for the benefit of Israel? What gall to talk of the Palestinians having nothing to show when the US has worked hard for decades now to be sure of that.

The United States is about to lower itself even further in the eyes of the world, moving from a history of undermining the Palestinians to brute force bullying.

It will be a relief to see the phrase "honest broker" put forever to rest when referring to the US in the Middle East. It has long been a lie.

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