Friday, September 16, 2011

Maureen Murphy - from art student to FBI suspect

There is a great danger to Americans. It isn't from any terrorist threat, but from the actions of our own government against our freedom to stand for our beliefs. Since 9/11 it has increased dramatically.

Maureen Murphy is a perfect example of an American living oblivious to the wider world, becoming aware that all is not right and, curious to find out why, taking positive action to change things, for which the reward is being placed under investigation by the FBI.

Her's is not an isolated case. What the previous paragraph outlines has been repeated countless times in the history of the United States since the elevation of the national security apparatus that came after World War II.

At one time the bogeyman was Communism. Many lives were ruined by the relentless attempt to find Communists under every streetlight. Now the Great Fear is of terrorism and the FBI is on the case against Americans.

It appears this is an endemic problem for America - going after its own for their exercise of rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution - acting against those who actually put freedom into practice.

Please read Maureen Murphy's essay on her path from art student to activist to suspect in only ten years.

Maureen is one of 23 under subpoena by the FBI along with Sarah Smith. They have refused to appear and so far the FBI has not taken further action - though jailing is a real possibility.

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