Saturday, September 18, 2010

no appeal to the law for Palestinians attacked by settlers

One thing that surely should get Americans upset is the Israeli way of disregarding the law when it concerns Palestinians. By international law it is the obligation of an occupier to look out for the welfare of the people in the occupied territory.

In the latest issue of Haaretz, there is a perfect example of this in action. Palestinians are told by Israel that if they are attacked by settlers, they should go to a settlement to file a complaint with the police there.

But wait. Palestinians are not allowed into settlements. So they are to go to the entrance to the settlement, call the police and wait for a patrol car to come get them and take them to the police station to file a complaint.

Palestinian Munir Kadus waiting for the police

You can imagine how well this works. Please read the article for the sorry facts documented by two reporters from the paper, and remember that settlers, if they complain, have the Israeli army to back them up at a moment's notice - and all of this blatant injustice on Palestinian land taken by the settlers.

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