Thursday, November 4, 2010

Righteousness for all time

I often draw good reasoning from other blogs, as I hope their authors do from mine.

Once in a while, I come across something expressed so well that I simply can't improve upon it.

Such a case I found today at the blog Hybrid States by Yaniv Reich. The title of the post is
Haaretz op-ed (in reverse): Peace requires that Jews realize the Holocaust was a self-inflicted tragedy
Please read it!

My comment in response to it is this -

Your posting nails down the central issue of Israel perfectly. Consider the statements of people who claim to know the will of God. In their minds, what they say is simply what is, there can be no questioning of it. For Israel, it is unquestionable that the foundation of the state is right, that Jews are the people ordained to be in Palestine and all else is simply irrelevant detail. Under this view, the plight of the Palestinians is a messy minor issue that has no bearing on the simple fact that they have no business being there. Human rights? What does that have to do with it? The Rocky Mountains are in Colorado and so also is Palestine for the Jews. How can there be debate?

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  1. A wonderful ally to your thought. I hope there is a way to get multiple commentors to your blog. Having looked at his site, it is clear that people like him are what you and others trying to create alternatives deserve and need. You are providing a true service. I just wish others would say so on your blog.