Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010: a good year

Though I have only been blogging for the past few months of the year, overall, 2010 leaves me optimistic about the situation for the Palestinians. Though the chances of breaking the bond between the U.S. Congress and Israel is still daunting, the rest of the world is acting to right a terrible wrong without America.

Some good things:

Jewish Voice for Peace is becoming a real force in standing against the Israeli land grab. I still cannot tell if JVP is anti-Zionist, but I don't sense they refuse help from those who are.

The mainstream U.S. pro-Israel groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League are more transparent than ever in their attempts to equate opposition to Israeli policies with anti-Semitism. I'm going to watch the movie Defamation soon, a documentary on Abe Foxman's organization.

The Jewish National Fund (tree-planting) and the Jewish Assembly in New Orleans were both invaded and disrupted by anti-occupation, if not anti-Israel agitators with the resulting media attention.

The complete failure of President Obama to stop settlements, even after offering a ridiculous collection of gifts to Netanyahu's administration only makes perfectly clear the farce that is the United States position regarding Israel. Eyes were opened by this.

Palestinian student groups in the U.S. are finding their voice. I've attended several events in the Chicago area, one of which was the initial public event (with a good turnout) for the North Eastern Illinois University Palestinian student group. I look forward to more from them.

The FBI raids on the homes of people charged with nothing have illustrated how weak are the laws that protect Americans from their government, something we supposedly pride ourselves on. Could there be any better reason to support the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)?

The Israeli Knesset continues to shoot itself in the foot by bringing forth legislation that is clearly undemocratic. Israeli clerics spout hatred and nonsense, allowing Americans to see how valuable is the separation between church and state.

Best of all, outstanding video keeps coming out of the occupied territories, revealing to the world the dire situation of the Palestinians and the need for sanctions against Israel for the blatant and illegal land grab under the protection of the Israeli army, the IDF. Palestinian non-violent protests can now be followed as can the heavy-handed treatment of the leaders of these protests by Israel.

I believe the tide is turning and I look forward to 2011

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