Saturday, January 22, 2011

collective punishment on video

It can't be denied that the Palestinians are punished as a whole for what extremist Palestinians do, or even when Palestinians have done nothing at all. The assault on Gaza and the ongoing lock-down there is the best example.

Taking collective punishment down to the local village level, consider the following video clip. For most of it, up until 7:00, you will see a routine West Bank security fence demonstration with chanting and marching, tear gas launching and rock throwing. Nothing new there.

What is new is a technical "advance" for the IDF in the form of a multiple tear gas launcher that can literally shower the canisters on an area, producing a thick enveloping blanket of gas that cannot be escaped. Though you won't see the launcher itself, you will see the town getting a blanket of gas as a parting gift when the IDF jeeps leave. Here is the full story behind this demonstration at Nabi Saleh.

By the way, the tear gas canisters are made in the USA.

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