Friday, April 15, 2011

Netanyahu in Congress assembled

Upon hearing that Israel PM Netanyahu will speak to Congress next month, I composed the following letter to my two senators and representative.

Next month Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu will address Congress. When he does, please keep in mind that Congress has never listened to any representative of the people who have been and are being evicted from their homeland by the state PM Netanyahu represents.

Palestinian leaders are in Israeli prisons, Palestinians are under a never ending occupation by Israel, Palestinians have no law but what the Israel Defense Forces allow them, Palestinians may not travel on the roads that armed settlers travel. The United States values only the viewpoint of the one who evicts and dispossesses, not the victims of over 60 years of colonization. You will hear Netanyahu speak in comforting words of perfect American English of some offer to allow Palestinians to have a small fraction of a fraction of the land that was once theirs and you will hear great applause for it.

Remember that our country stands for liberty and justice for all and has rejected the idea of "whites only" as clapping resounds for a man who is dedicated to "Jews only". Consider that to criticize Israel in Congress is political suicide and ask yourself how this has come to be. Palestinians seek justice for a historical wrong of epic proportions while in the land of the free and the home of the brave only the voice of their oppressor is honored as the rest of the world watches astonished and dismayed.

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