Tuesday, October 9, 2012

US Presidential candidate gets Israel policy just right

No, I'm not talking about Obama or Romney, one of whom will likely continue his submissive-to-Israel policy and the other who will go off the deep end with his good buddy Bibi Netanyahu.

I'm talking about Dr. Jill Stein, who is running for president under the Green Party. Though she is Jewish, from her campaign website I found the following policy statement...

Jill Stein, the first Jewish contender for the presidency of the United States of America, called today for the international community to heed the findings of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine and to take immediate steps to ensure that Israel comply with its responsibilities according to international human rights law. Specifically, Dr. Stein reiterated that as president, she would require Israel, as well as other nations, to uphold international law and human rights as a condition for further U.S. aid. In particular, this would require Israel to end human rights abuses, and respect the rights of Palestinians and other peoples living under Israeli rule.

The Green Party of the United States has long been a leader in standing up for the rights of all peoples living under military rule and racial apartheid, and the Palestinian people are no exception,” said Dr. Stein. “I am proud that our party platform reflects our universal and consistent commitment to human rights.”
This is simply common sense, consistent with principles that were fundamental to the political thinking of the founders of the United States - and to the Enlightenment that preceded them.

Had you ever heard of Ms. Stein? Do you think she has a prayer of getting even 2% of the vote? This is proof of how far off the track America has gone. Of course, Ms. Stein is not allowed to participate in the presidential "debate". This is because the Presidential Debate Commission, funded with corporate money, is a tool of the two major parties and is happy to allow them to dictate terms for the debate. For a devastating description of how this came to be, please watch author George Farah explain, starting at 3:30 in on Democracy Now's coverage of the debate.

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