Monday, June 17, 2013

the useless State Department briefings

Please take a look at this recent U.S. State Department briefing for the press. Go to 33 minutes in and watch for ten minutes.

You will hear the members of the press ask the spokesperson concise clear questions about the situation regarding Israel and the Palestinians. You will hear the spokesperson say nothing that comes anywhere close to answering the questions. The reporters press her and she remains cool, collected and completely uninformative. These "briefings" are useless for information, have to be frustrating for the reporters, and serve no purpose other than to allow the State Department to say that it is open to questions. The world is in turmoil with the U.S. a major participant, but imagery is a top priority - isn't this young woman pretty, nicely dressed and quick with a smile?

When top personnel in the government, such as the head of the CIA lie deliberately at a Congressional hearing. What can we expect of official spokespeople like this woman or Jay Carney, Obama's spokeman?

Far from being open, the United States government is heavily invested in placing a smokescreen between the people and the policies of the Executive Branch. The purpose is to allow the President to do as he wishes without having to explain what he does except in carefully scripted, exhaustively prepared statements read from teleprompters. It's very rare that we see anything real of the person we elect, though the image is constantly put before us.

Harry Truman would walk daily from the White House on the public sidewalk and would converse with anyone who happened to address him. That is beyond imagination now.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. They are useless and portray to me a "cloak and dagger" mentality. There is nothing transparent going on here. They play with words cleverly so as not to give a direct answer. When a direct answer to a clear question is not given, then there are lies spoken.

    I also notice that the spokesperson uses the expressions, "lets be clear" or "clearly" or "crystal clear" constantly. I laugh because nothing is clear about anything they say. It is all a game.

    It bothers me when there is talk about the use of chemical weapons are unacceptable - I agree. I just think it is hypocritical when one nation has used "weapons of mass destruction" on other nations tells others not to use any type of weapon. Especially a nation that has used - and has no problems using - weapons of mass destruction such as the atomic bomb. ALL weapons that take innocent life should be view as terrible and unacceptable. Yet, the focus is on chemical weapons.

    The United States is picking a fight. It is the same thing we saw in Iraq. The UN inspectors were not allowed to finish their inspections. It makes no logical sense NOT to allow the UN inspectors to finish .. UNLESS ... It is WAR that someone wants.

    I am an American and all I can say some of our decisions are unfounded and childish. We are hypocritical and full of BS.