Friday, July 5, 2013

a lawsuit way overdue

Muslim organizations in the United States are continually under threat of lawsuits alleging connection with that catch-all term "terrorism". There have been prosecutions, notoriously the Holy Land Five case.

Well, I've just learned that at long last a case is being brought against American support groups for Israeli settlements. Armed Israeli settlers are routinely involved in violent attacks on Palestinians, uprooting or burning olive trees, if not shooting at unarmed residents of Palestinian villages. This lawsuit is long overdue.

From the Electronic Intifada...
A recently-filed complaint in a New York district court has the potential to compensate and provide judicial recourse to a handful of Palestinians terrorized by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. The civil suit is filed under a law that until now has been used almost entirely to prosecute Muslim and Palestinian Americans.
On 17 May, the New York-based commercial law firm Melito and Adolfsen filed a complaint against five US organizations alleging that they had violated the material support statute, which prohibits individuals from “knowingly providing material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization.”
The organizations are alleged to have supported terrorist activities by funding settlers who have firebombed, thrown stones and shot at Palestinians, burned Palestinian land and trees, and vandalized Palestinian houses of prayer in the West Bank.
The case is filed on behalf of 15 plaintiffs: 13 Palestinian individuals, one mosque and one Greek Orthodox monastery. All of the plaintiffs have experienced a physical attack or, what is commonly referred to as “price tag” assault, by settlers from nearby Jewish colonies that are given financial support by the defendants of the lawsuit.
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