Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye New York Times

I have subscribed to the New York Times for many years, but I am ending my subscription tomorrow.

I'm doing so because the NYT did not so much as mention the Edward Snowden revelation that the NSA has been systematically turning over all the intelligence it gathers on all Americans to Israel with no meaningful strings attached.

The NYT claims that this was because the story was insignificant! How foolish do they think people are to believe such a preposterous claim?

I've tolerated the pro-Israel spin given to stories from the middle east for as long as I can remember. In the last two years there have been signs of improvement. One, just this week, is Ian Lustick's spot-on opinion piece in the Sunday Review about the pointless "peace talks". But my tolerance has run out.

I'm going to subscribe to the Washington Post because I am hopeful that Jeff Bezos has a better idea of what journalism is than what has been the American newspaper of record, whose motto when it comes to Israel is to protect the views of the powerful.

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