Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Congresswoman...

Jan Schakowsky, my Congresswoman, is known for her liberal record. She's done all kinds of things in her time in government that indicate her concern for the little guy, for justice and the protection of the weak from the strong. In short, she's not the kind of person to approve of modern Israel. Nevertheless, her (my) district is loaded with Israel-first folks so she votes under their pressure. Here is my attempt to speak against that pressure...

Jan: The 30 year suppression of liberty and justice for all Egyptians through unstinting support for Mubarak by the United States is eclipsed for being shameful only by the twice as long eviction and oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli governments that you have repeatedly gone out of your way to support. Your history in Congress in this matter reflects the history of hypocrisy shown by the United States toward the Egyptian and Palestinian people.

Even as our eloquent speech-maker President acts as if history began 48 hours ago, the world is well aware of the use of American taxpayer money to keep both Mubarak defying human rights and Israel defying both human rights and international law. As calls in Israel increase for discrimination against Arab Israelis, along with the government supported investigation of Israeli human rights organizations, you continue to act as a legislator in a manner that is, I have no doubt, contrary to your conscience.

With the breakthrough in Egypt we have witnessed, it is time for a breakthrough in your own behavior as a Congresswoman. Defy the power of the Israel lobby that causes you to act against American principles and official policy. Your country does not recognize discrimination against any people and has no business supporting a "democracy" for Jews only while Arabs under their control are abused in a multitude of ways that you should find intolerable and repulsive.

As you get older, you have less time to stand up and reverse the awful record you have in regard to the powerless and preyed-upon Palestinians. Act now to rescue the characterization that history will place on your time in Congress regarding policy toward Israel. You are not a right-wing zealot, even less a fundamentalist Christian hoping for the End of Days, but with reference to Israel you act exactly as if you were. Repudiate the apartheid state the support of which so ill-suits you.

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