Sunday, February 13, 2011

Palestinians sold out by their own leadership

Say what you will about HAMAS, everyone agrees that they stand opposed to Israel.

The Palestinian Authority has been posing as a moderate and reasonable leadership for the Palestinians. In fact, the PA is supported financially by the EU and the United States, complete with training by the U.S. military for the PA police forces. It's another attempt to deliver to Israel a compliant prostrate Palestinian people held down by their own.

This was clearly shown in the PA effort to suppress Palestinian demonstrations in support of the Egyptian revolution.

Wikileaks has revealed the sell-out to Israel reality of the PA, leaving Abbas with not even a fig leaf to hide behind. New elections have been announced (in which HAMAS is refusing to participate to date).

It's the same old story of the U.S. finding people to pay off to do its bidding. The breakdown of this system in Egypt is what has the PA scurrying to hold elections.

Here is an excellent account of the situation of the PA in regard to the Palestinian people.

By the way, as I have mentioned before, the managing editor, Maureen Murphy, of the Electronic Intifada, where the above mentioned article appears, is one of the 23 people subpoenaed by the FBI, all of whom have courageously refused to appear.

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