Monday, June 20, 2011

hasbara incoming

I received an email from a friend with "What if Jews had followed the Palestinian Path" attached, an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal that self-righteously lauds the up-from-the-bottom course of European Jewry after WWII in contrast to the Palestinians living on the dole in camps at UN expense. I held back my inclination to gag and responded with the following...

Have you watched Canada Park, the CBC production? No. You don't deal with the present reality and aren't interested in it. You prefer to dwell on events of the middle 20th century than the current eviction process of El Arakib in the Negev where Bedouin who are actually Israeli citizens have been continually thrown off their land to make room for yet another "re-forestry" project of the Jewish National Fund. There are many videos of this - a current event - but you aren't interested, it's just more Arabs making a fuss.

This article you sent is yet another self-congratulatory piece of hasbara that sentimentally dwells on history instead of looking at the current situation in which Israel is coming to resemble the states that expelled the Jews in the past.

The holocaust was a terrible thing. So was and is Zionism - a deliberate plan to evict people and replace them. Both are human rights catastrophes, only the latter continues right now and the United States (alone) with your full approval makes it possible.

No matter how many times I tell you, you don't get the fact that a free people, American Jews, who live in complete safety and with full legal protections - can, at this very moment, decide they want to be Israeli without giving up their American citizenship, move to Palestine and within a month be stealing land from the indigenous people. This is both history and current events. Armed settlers, many of them with dual American citizenship burn Palestinian olive trees and take their property on almost any given day.

Golda Meir, pictured in your article, famously said "there are no Palestinians". She was a Russian. She talked a lot about the "Third Kingdom of Israel" not seeing the people who have been there all along. Avigdor Lieberman, the current foreign minister of Israel is also a Russian and he, too, wants Arabs out of their own land.

Any Israeli can become a citizen of the U.S. without prejudice to their nationality if they apply to do so, but Israel absolutely refuses to allow Palestinians to become citizens of Israel. Those Arabs who are citizens are encouraged to leave. Their representation in the Knesset is strictly limited. Yet, as Moshe Dayan said, every inch of what is Israel was once Palestinian land. Instead of dwelling on the Holocaust that took place in Europe, check out old still photos and movies of Palestine, definitely not an empty land waiting for Europeans to take it.

Most amazing to me about your position is you live in a country that allows everyone to be a citizen, yet you fully support a country that is for one group only. You are content to see others suffer denial of residency and rights that you would never accept for yourself, nor, I hope, would you accept for any group of people in the United States.

Google three words "Canada Park CBC" it's a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. production. You won't do it.

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