Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Netanyahu's poodle, Mark Kirk

Senator Kirk - I recently saw a picture showing you shaking the hand of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

As you know, America has traditionally stood for the rule of law. Israel has routinely flouted the law, specializes in extra-judicial targeted killings (over 850 so far) and, thanks to the United States veto in the UN, does as it pleases regardless of international law.

As you also know, America is now lowering itself to the same lawlessness - our President is now allowed to order the execution of Americans overseas. The woeful influence of Israeli lawlessness is now bringing this country down to the same level.

When you grin and shake hands with an outlaw you show your approval of a country that has killed Americans starting back in 1967 with the attack on the USS Liberty and continuing through the killing of American Rachel Corrie to last years execution of Turkish-American Furkan Dorgan aboard the Mavi Marmara. Not to mention the thousands of Palestinians who know no law but that of the Israeli "Defense" Forces and continue to suffer the theft of their land that is the history of Israel.

When you fondly associate with PM Netanyahu you make me ashamed to be from Illinois and revolted by the fact that you represent me in a body that should stand for the rule of law. I am disgusted by the picture of you and your pal, whose wishes clearly come first for you in your work in the Senate.

Tony Blair was called "Bush's poodle". You are in the same relationship to PM Netanyahu and are apparently proud of it.

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