Monday, February 20, 2012

human rights? Change the subject.

What of Khader Adnan, the prisoner without charges against him on a hunger strike? What follows is a video worth watching for several reasons.

In this interview from CNN International with a spokesman for Israel, you will not only learn of the situation regarding Adnan, but can see the process of avoiding questions that is the field of expertise for government spokespersons. Note as the interview progresses that the questioning is insistent and the interviewee is not allowed to simply speak nonsense and then be thanked and dismissed as is often the case with U.S. domestic news organizations particularly when the subject has to do with Israel.

The red herring is dear to Israel - illustrated here with the continual effort to change the subject from a man held without charge to terrible terrorism. This has a logic to it for Israel because it is what allows that country to believe it is doing justice when it is in fact flouting it.

Thanks to Glenn Greenwald for bringing this clip to my attention. Greenwald is a tireless expositor of the hypocrisy of the U.S. in condemning other nations for doing things we do.

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