Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pirates - Somali and Israeli

Dear Senator Durbin:

Not long ago, US forces in the Persian Gulf captured some Somali pirates. The pictures showed scrawny men with legs like toothpicks, but there is no justification for piracy no matter how dire the situation of those who attempt it.

This makes me wonder how Israeli pirates have been at work for over 40 years, stealing the lands of the Palestinians while the U.S. Congress covers for them. Right now the United States is saying nothing about the long-standing international law violations that we alone have excused Israel, nor the nuclear weaponry of Israel to which we turn a blind eye even as we do everything we can to punish Iran for only the possibility of obtaining them. Israel is a country gone wild under the unlimited protection of a superpower. It fears not atomic attack but the check that even one Iranian nuclear weapon would place on Israel's ability to act with military impunity in the region.

Stop covering for the mouse that roars, that issues threats and dictates to its neighbors, pulling a purchased Congress behind it like a poodle, taking us to new levels of hypocrisy. To expel a population then claim those remaining make up a democracy is a fraud. The U.S. has no business backing every action of a distant colony, bringing destitute Somalis to justice while putting all our military and financial might behind Israel, a country dedicated to relieving the Palestinians of all they have. That's what pirates do.

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