Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what was Khader Adnan trying for?

After almost 70 days of his hunger strike, Palestinian Khader Adnan's term in Israeli prison was reduced. As I have mentioned previously, Adnan was in prison on "administrative detention" that allows the Israeli military to put anyone in prison for months and then extend that term on the say of an Israeli military officer, all the while with no charges filed.

Yes, it's an outrage that the United States should not support, but of course we do and you will never heard a word about it in Congress.

But Adnan was not starving himself to end the practice of administrative detention in itself. He was wasting away to protest the entire colonial occupation of Israel. The Electronic Intifada provides an English translation of an excellent article explaining the reasoning behind Adnan's hunger strike and the hunger strikes of current Palestinian prisoners that are following his example.

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