Saturday, May 26, 2012

Palestinian flag raised in Ann Arbor

I've been intending to get over to Ann Arbor, Michigan for some time because there is a group there called Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends (JWPF) that actually takes the stand that support of Israel is antithetical for America. I agree!

Henry Herskovitz, a leader of the group, even makes regular presentations at the meetings of the Ann Arbor city council to keep the subject of Israel on the radar. JWPF also has a vigil each Saturday at a synagogue where they present the case against Israel directly to the people who are most vigorous in supporting it. I admire this courageous employment of free speech.

Here is a very short video I've created to document the raising of the Palestinian flag just outside the Ann Arbor Jewish Community Center where a "celebration of Israel" was underway...

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