Tuesday, May 1, 2012

re: the Methodist Church vote on BDS

The governing body of the United Methodist Church is set to vote this week on whether to support a BDS. I hope they do, but it's no slam dunk.

Jesus was a rebel, but you sure wouldn’t know it from the huge organizations that have claimed him as a role model for their membership.

The Methodist Church is an extremely cautious organization that generally goes into the water when almost all others have already done so. The irrelevancy was one reason the faith in which I was tutored never caught on. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they will do what any person who appreciates liberty and justice for all would do.

Martin Luther King Jr. died at 39, but at least he said he could see the promised land, though he might not make it there. The Palestinians have been wretched for over 60 years and only now is there some sign of movement in the United States on their behalf. They haven’t been to the mountaintop like MLK because Israeli settlers are already there and have it cordoned off. All Americans should be ashamed of our part in keeping such long-suffering people oppressed.

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  1. Since you seem to know a little about Scripture, maybe you could point out to me where the Word of God commissions the Church to punish the apple of His eye.