Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canada Park

Within the occupied territories is a park built with money donated to the Jewish National Fund by Canadians called, appropriately enough, Canada Park.

In this compelling 30 minute program produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation twenty years ago (1991) the story of how this clean, modern, attractive place came to be built over three destroyed Palestinian villages, the silent evidence of which remained in 1991, is told.

Be aware that as I write, the Jewish National Fund is attempting to create a forest on the site of the Al Arakib bedouin village in the Negev desert. The Israeli police/IDF have destroyed that village a scarcely believable 2 dozen times (tents are erected and then they are swept away).

UPDATE: January 1, 2012. The following video is an account of the operations of the JNF and Canada Park is mentioned. The video starts with the situation at El Arakib.

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