Sunday, May 1, 2011

on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Peres and Netanyahu both spoke but far more interesting than what either said are the comments posted on the Haaretz site of which I reproduce a few...

From "Vladek"
Judaism has spread world wide and influenced the values of many peoples and nations. It's values have not been compromised by nationalism. However Israel has developed its own narrow nationalism attempting to label the state and everything it does as Judaism. It is Israel that is damaging Judaism whereas adhering to Jewish values would give Israel a clear path to truth, justice, reconciliation and peace.
From "Unsavory Echo"
(The Holocaust) evokes absolutely NO sympathy for Israel or it's occupation! As a matter of fact, what it DOES do is raise the obvious question of how it is that a people who have suffered indignity, injustice, dispossession, displacement, and subhuman treatement in their past, can possibly subject others to the same? Mr. Netanyahu ' choice to evoke the memory of the Holocaust in the context of rationalizing Israel's tarnished international image is an insult to its memory! He and his bunch have "de-legitimized" it more than all Israel's adversaries and anti-Semites combined! In two years he's managed to effectively do what they have never quite been able to do. And one has to wonder whether it's ignorance or arrogance which prompts him to attribute it to them?
From "David in California"
I am sorry to say this, but Israel has become an albatross for the world's Jews, and so has the Internet. In the 1950s, '60s and even the '70s, this wasn't so, and Israel enjoyed more sympathy than it does today. Then along came the writings of the New Historians and of Holocaust revisionists and critics of the Israel lobby in USA. Then came the Internet. Then came more writings of many passionate anti-Jewish critics, all added together. Now the global consciousness not only rejects expansionist Israel but has become imbued with contempt for historical Jewry. I think there will be absolutely no way to escape a destiny of hatred in world opinion unless Jews are willing to wake up and make serious amends.

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