Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial for Gaza flotilla dead

Today I went to downtown Chicago where there was a gathering to remember the people killed by Israeli commandos who boarded the Gaza flotilla this time last year. A picture of each victim was held by someone. It was also a send-off to local people (3 from Illinois) who are going to be aboard the ship Audacity of Hope, carrying Americans in the flotilla that will be sailing to Gaza at the end of June. Below is one of them, Kathy Kelly, addressing the group.

We walked across the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Chicago River to the building where the Israeli consulate is located. Police were present, of course, as were a couple of guys representing a lawyers group that is on hand to advise of legal issues if problems arise. None did. I would estimate there were about 35 people present, about the same number who will be on the Audacity of Hope. You can read what each of those passengers and crew has to say.

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