Sunday, April 15, 2012

Israel sinks lower and lower

Today was a very interesting one regarding Israel.

On one hand, video was released of an Israeli solder hitting a bike rider, on a ride in support of the Palestinians, in the face with his rifle. Of course, brutality by the IDF and settlers is old news but I try to place news here for those who may browse this blog or be visiting for the first time. According to Mondoweiss, "The activists who numbered between 60 and 200 according to differing reports were attempting to bicycle on Route 90, the main north/south artery in the Jordan Valley.  The road is designated for Jewish travelers only. "

On the other hand, Israel pulled a brand new stunt by threatening foreign airlines service to Israel in order to pressure them to deny peaceful protesters seats on planes headed to Israel. Why? Because the folks were planning to attend a non-violent protest in support of the Palestinians. Incredibly, the airlines caved in to this, but the result was probably more productive for the protesters than if they had simply been allowed in to protest. Says one Israeli official, "we have given the other side a victory on a silver platter."

The frenzy with which Israel opposes peaceful people continues to get worse. The whole world is watching.  Things are changing and Israel knows the countdown to the end of apartheid is unstoppable. There is simply no longer a way to spin things as they have been doing since the foundation of the Jewish state. The invisible people are finally being seen.

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