Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Palestinian mass hunger strike

A mass hunger strike involving 2000 Palestinian prisoners began on April 17. I'm sorry to say I did not learn of it until today when I read a story on the Electronic Intifada about the BBC not reporting it.

EI states, "Palestinian prisoners are protesting Israel’s practice of administrative detention — imprisonment without charge or trial — as well as solitary confinement, the denial of family visits and access to education, and other punitive measures of Israel’s system of arrest and detention which is designed to break the Palestinian struggle for freedom and liberation."

By the way, the force behind EI, Maureen Murphy, who I have mention before, is one of the people the FBI has subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, a subject in itself. She and others have refused to appear. So far, no action has been taken against them but the threat of imprisonment for refusal hangs over them.

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