Tuesday, April 24, 2012

must watch CBS story

The news magazine 60 Minutes has aired a story about the dwindling population of Christians in the Holy Land. It is a breakthrough of sorts because it dares to touch the third rail of American politics, Israel, in a way that is not flattering. What is most notable about the broadcast is smooth talking Israeli ambassador Michael Oren. As you watch him, can't you imagine him as your friendly neighbor next door, as pleasant and easy-going as one could imagine, and handsome too! Could such a guy tell anything but the truth?

This is Israel's huge advantage in the United States - it has a large number of advocates for Israel who, like Ambassador Oren, look as American as can  be, speak highly of Israel in the halls of power and, because of their open manner convey sincerity. With such folks speaking as they do, why would any American bother to find out the facts?

Watch through to the end because it is there that Mr. Oren reveals the kind of behind the scenes move for censorship that is the hallmark of the Israel lobby in the United States.

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